Saturday, 18 March 2017

Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy Report

When will I know the results? 
In many cases your doctor will be able to tell you the results of the test as soon as you are awake. If you have had sedation it is a good idea to ask for your escort or relative to be present when the doctor speaks to you because the sedation can make you forget what is discussed. 

A copy of your gastroscopy and colonoscopy report will be given to you before you leave the Endoscopy Suite and another copy will be sent to your GP or specialist who referred you. However, if a biopsy was taken or a polyp was removed for examination under the microscope, these results may take five days to process. A copy of the biopsy results will be sent to your GP or specialist who referred you.

In some cases the doctor will ask you to return for another endoscopy procedure. If the doctor would like the procedure to take place within the next 12 weeks an appointment will be confirmed with you whilst you are in the Endoscopy Suite. Alternatively the doctor may recommend that you return for a surveillance procedure in 1, 3 or 5 years time. In this case you will be contacted approximately 8 weeks prior to this date and offered an appointment. 

Please note: All surveillance procedures are individually reviewed 8 weeks prior to the planned appointment date in line with current surveillance interval guidelines. If for any reason current guidance recommends that your procedure is deferred for a longer period or no longer required, you will be contacted by the Endoscopy Suite informing you of this. 

Follow-up Appointments?
You will have a follow-up appointment with the GP or specialist (who referred you for the procedure). At this appointment, please ask for the details of any biopsy results or further investigations.

Going home after your gastroscopy and colonoscopy 
If you have had sedation, it is essential for an escort to accompany you home and stay with you for at least 6 hours. Please note: your procedure will be cancelled if you do not have an escort. We cannot escort you home. The sedative will make you drowsy, and even if you feel wide awake your reactions may still be affected. You may find it difficult to concentrate and you may forget things that you have been told. You will be given the written information that you need when you leave the hospital. This includes advice that for 24 hours after sedation you should not drive or ride a bicycle, operate machinery, look after young children alone, take sedatives or alcohol or sign legal papers.

Your medication after the procedure 
We will talk to you before you go home about your medication. It may change, or stay the same, but we will discuss it with you after the procedure.

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