Saturday, 4 March 2017

Diabetic Guidelines

Guidelines for People with Diabetes Undergoing Combined Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy.

Patients need to avoid solid food during the day before the examination. They are permitted to drink quantities of clear fluids until 6 hours before the examination and sips until 2 hours before. 

It may be necessary to modify normal diabetic treatment so that fasting can be tolerated. This may result in higher blood sugar levels for a short period but diabetic control should return to normal within 1–2 days. 

Insulin treated patients may be at an increased risk of having a hypoglycaemic episode during their preparation. Patients need to have an empty stomach for this procedure, so we have a recommended list of suitable drinks that could be taken should a ‘hypo’ occur. 

These are all equivalent to 20g carbohydrate. The patient should take one measure initially and repeat as necessary to prevent recurrence of hypoglycaemia.

Lucozade                           110ml (7 tablespoons) 
Grape Juice                       100ml (6 tablespoons) 
Sparkling Apple Juice       200ml (13 tablespoons) 
Coke or Pepsi (not diet)    200ml (13 tablespoons) 
Ribena                               30 ml (2 tablespoons) diluted 
Squash/Barley Water        70ml (4 tablespoons) diluted 
Sugar                                 4 teaspoons dissolved in 200ml of water.

We also recommend the use of Dextrose tablets (available from pharmacy) as these absorb directly through the mouth if sucked rather than chewed. Take 3 tablets initially (equivalent to 10g carbohydrate) followed by a further 3 tablets a few minutes later

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