Monday, 13 March 2017

After the examination

• You will return to the recovery area. 
• You will need to rest for about 45 minutes as you have had sedation. Once recovered you may eat and drink as normal. 
• After the procedure you may still have a little wind but this will pass naturally. 
• Before you go home the nurse will explain the results to you and any further treatment that is necessary. Any biopsy result will take longer. 
• A letter will be sent to your GP. 

Going home 
If you have had sedation: 
• you must have a friend or relative to take you home and stay with you for at least 24 hours;
• you must not drive, drink alcohol, operate machinery (including the oven and kettle), or sign important documents, for 24 hours following the test; 
• if you have had Entonox you cannot drive for 30 minutes after the last dose of medication; 
• you may notice that your bowels do not return to normal for a few days following the procedure; 
• you may have a mild sore throat, but this will pass and is nothing to worry about. If you did not have sedation the restrictions above do not apply.

Are there any significant risks?
This test is very safe, but there are some risks associated with this procedure. 
These include: 
a reaction to the sedative. The sedative can affect the breathing, making it more slow and shallow;
damage to crowned teeth or dental bridgework; 
• fever (raised temperature); 
• there is a slightly increased risk of developing a chest infection after a gastroscopy procedure; 
• when a biopsy is taken or a polyp is removed, rarely there may be a little bleeding. (Risk approximately one for every 100 to 200 examinations where a polyp is removed). If this does not stop within 24 hours or is excessive, please contact the Endoscopy Unit or Accident and Emergency; 
perforation which is a little tear in the wall of the bowel, this is also rare. (Risk approximately one for every 1000 examinations). This would require a short stay in hospital and treatment with antibiotics, or, very occasionally, may require surgical repair.

Please talk to your endoscopist before your examination if you have any worries about these risks.

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