Sunday, 26 February 2017

Preparing for the investigations

Eating and drinking 
It is necessary to have clear views of both the stomach and the lower bowel 

Two days before your appointment 
You will need to be on a low fibre diet and considerably increase your fluid intake. A diet sheet is included at the back of this booklet. 

One day before 
You should take clear fluids only (no solid food) e.g. glucose drinks Bovril, black tea and coffee with sugar, clear soup and fruit jelly.
 In addition you will need to take the laxative which should have arrived with this booklet along with clear instructions on how to administer it. If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact the endoscopy unit and someone will assist you. 

On the day of the examination 
It is very important that your stomach is empty for this investigation so on the day of your procedures it is important that you continue taking clear fluids up until 6 hours before the examination but only sips of liquids up to 2 hours before your appointment. You will not become dehydrated as the laxative effects are short lived.

What about my medication? 
Routine medication 
Your routine medication should be taken. If your appointment is in the morning your medication should be taken at 6am with a little water, however if your appointment is in the afternoon your medication should be taken by 8am. 

Digestive medication 
If you are presently taking tablets to reduce the acid in your stomach please discontinue them 2 weeks before your investigation. 
If you are having a follow up OGD to check for healing of an ulcer found during the last 2-3 months, then please continue your acid reducing medications right up to the day before your repeat endoscopy. 
If you are taking iron tablets you must stop these one week prior to your appointment. If you are taking stool bulking agents (e.g. fybogel, regulan, proctofibe), loperamide (Imodium) lomotil or codeine phosphate you must stop these 3 days prior to your appointment.

If you are a diabetic controlled on insulin or medication please ensure the Endoscopy Department is aware so that the appointment can be made for the beginning of the list. Please see guidelines at the back of the book.

Please telephone the unit if you are taking anticoagulants, for example warfarin. Phone for information if you think you have a latex allergy.

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