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How to Code Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy is the examination of the entire colon from the rectum to cecum. A colonoscope is inserted in the anus and moved through the colon past the splenic flexure in order to visualize the lumen of
rectum and colon.

Always a surgical endoscopy includes a diagnotic endoscopy.

For an incomplete colonoscopy, with full preparation for a colonoscopy, use a colonoscopy code with the modifier 52 and provide information.

A diagnostic colonoscopy is a screening of the colon for any
abnormalities without performing any procedure.

A colonoscopy with biopsy, polypectomy, or any removal of foreign body or any other intervention is not considered as diagnostic colonoscopy.

Colonoscopy Codes:

45378 Diagnostic/screening colonoscopy for non-medicare patients.

G0105 Screening Colonoscopy for medicare high risk patients

G0121 Screening colonoscpy for other medicare patients.

Colonoscopy with other procedures.

45379 Colonoscopy with removal of foreign body.

45380 Colonoscopy with biopsy single/multiple.

45381 Colonoscopy with directed submucosal injection.

45382 Colonoscopy with control of bleeding.

Polyps or lesions are removed by hot biospy, cold biopsy, and snare
techniques. Depending on the technique the codes are differentiated.

45383 Colonoscopy with ablation of tumors, polyps, or other lesions not amenable to removal by hot biopsy forceps.

45384 removal of polps or other lesions by hot biopsy

45385 removal of polyps or lesions by snare technique.

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